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Charleston County Aviation Authority Projects and Proposals, powered by eDistribution

The availability of any advertisements on this site has been provided as a convenience only, and while we endeavor to provide accurate and timely information, proposers and construction contractors are cautioned not to rely on this information alone, but should continue to use their normal sources for identification of potential projects for which they may wish to propose or bid.

Note: All questions will be answered by addendums and posted for download under the appropriate Project section.  Please login (free to register) and place an order for the download. This will add you to the planholder list and allow you to receive addenda notices once published. Final addendums are normally posted 5-10 days after stated deadline for written questions.

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    Airport Branding Services
    Charleston County Aviation Authority
    Pam Murphy
    37 Days     01/27/2015
    Vegetation Removal and Seeding Project
    Charleston County Aviation Authority
    John Connell
    Terminal Redevelopment and Improvement Project (TRIP) Request for Prequalification
    Austin-Hitt JV
    Ken Christianson
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      Vegetation Removal and Seeding Project Addendum #1 12/12/2014
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